"What I have to say will not make me very popular with prosecutors: the suspect's right is not always respected, prosecutors are not objective, prosecutors fight too hard to get a conviction somewhere down the line - I have seen too many accusations of this type to believe that this doesn't happen." Göran Lambertz, Chancellor for Justice (2006)

Eva Joly interviewed on Assange on Sweden s TV4 (English subs) from swefowl1234 on Vimeo.

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Julian Assange was has been detained without charge since 7 December 2010. The Swedish prosecutor has refused to question him in the UK, a perfectly standard and established mechanism of EU cooperation. Mr. Assange was placed in solitary confinement in London’s high security Wandsworth prison for ten days and placed under house arrest for eighteen months. On 19 June 2012 Mr. Assange sought, and subsequentely obtained, asylum from the state of Ecuador. Ecuador considered there was sufficient risk that Mr. Assange would be extradited by Sweden to the United States, where he could be prosecuted for his publishing work.

Amnesty International has called on Sweden to issue assurances that it would bar his extradition, but the Swedish government has refused to do so.

Watch the interview with MEP Eva Joly, former French Presidential Candidate, Member of the European Parliament, and investigating judge. Read the transcript from her press conference in Stockholm on 27 March 2014 in English (original); or French.

Justice4Assange has released a systematic rebuttal of UK media myths around Julian Assange’s extradition.

This video is about Assange’s detention conditions in 2011 when he was monitored by SERCO.

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1234 days under house arrest.

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