Assange files case to dismiss Swedish warrant

On Tuesday 24th of June at 1pm CET, Julian Assange’s lawyers filed a request to Stockholm District Court to rescind the decision to detain him without charge.

PDF - 87.1 kb
JA Submission 24 June 2014

The decision has kept him in different forms of deprivation of liberty since 7 December 2010 (3.5 years). The legal actions will lead to the first custody hearing since his arrest.

On 1 July the Prosecution Authority submitted a reply.

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Prosecution Authority Submission 1 July 2014

The court set the date for the hearing for 16 July 2014.

The Julian Assange case is Sweden’s longest running pre-trial, pre-charge deprivation of liberty (the matter is formally at the ’preliminary investigation’ stage). Julian Assange is in a legal no-man’s-land: he has not been indicted so he cannot formally defend himself.

The Swedish government refuses to guarantee he will not be extradited to the United States. The Swedish prosecutor, unlike in other cases, refuses to question him in London or via video link, instead demanding that Mr. Assange give up his right to political asylum and speak to her in Sweden. The UK has encricled Mr. Assange at a cost to date of over GBP 6.6 million/USD 11 million/SEK 75.000.000 (see:

Assange obtained political asylum in relation to the United States criminal investigation against WikiLeaks in 2012. The United Kingdom and Sweden have both refused to give a guarantee that Julian Assange will not be extradited to the United States for his WikiLeaks activities. Earlier this week, 59 international organizations submitted complaints about the investigation against Julian Assange to the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

On 19 June 2014, 56 international free press and human rights organisations signed an open letter to US Attorney General Eric Holder to drop the investiigation against WikiLeaks:

Read Julian Assange’s sworn statement from September 2013 about his stay in Sweden:

Read the reports to the UN Human Rights Commission:

PDF - 120.4 kb
English Submission
Joint Submission for the 21st Session of the Universal Periodic Review of the Kingdom of Sweden
PDF - 3.8 Mb
NGO Submission Spanish (1)
Suecia: Examen Periodico Universal - Sesion 21 2014-2018
PDF - 55.1 kb
UPR NGO Submission 3 (in Spanish)
Pedido de mediación ante el gobierno de Suecia para la liberación del Señor Assange

1383 days under house arrest.

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