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Interrogating officer’s bias against Assange on Facebook

Irmeli Krans: The Facebook Trail - Police Bias

On 10 March 2011 an article in Expressen revealed that Irmeli Krans, the officer who interrogated complainant SW (the ’rape’ allegation) was a friend of complainant AA, the woman who has accused Julian Assange of molestation and sexual assault.

The article followed Facebook comments by Krans about Julian Assange, the complainants’ lawyer, and Thomas Bodström. Her Facebook page also showed that she was connected with complainant AA and Bodström since at least 2009. More about connections between Krans, complainant AA, Bodström, Borgström and the social democrat party in the Duckpond.

Krans’ Facebook entries show a clear dislike of Julian Assange and a very high regard for Claes Borgström:

The Trail

- 25 August 2010 (15:43) Krans writes "OUTRAAAAGEOUS" on her status update, followed by "Well Jesus Christ!!! The outrage in every newspaper and news bulletin. But our dear eminent and uniquely competent Claes Borgström will hopefully bring some order!"

  • Note 1: The ’outrage’ refers to Eva Finné’s press release (reported at 15:24) that had terminated the investigation for the ’rape’ allegation.
  • Note 2: Krans’ reference to Claes Borgström, the lawyer for the two women, and his request that the investigation be reopened predates the request by two days. Krans was no longer on the case, which means that she was aware of this intention by Claes Borgström through other means, presumably through her friend, complainant AA.

- 18 September 2010 (12:41) "Then support and encouragement to Claes Borgström in the Central station before the departure for Göteborg. What tempo!"

- 16 October 2010 (02:11) status update "realises that she should listen to her friends more often and google herself more often than once a year" followed by a comment "Yes, loads of strange websites, flash back and other nastiness. A little frightening. I should be more aware..."

- 2 December 2010 (16:53) "’Minor rape’ is what the lawyer calls it. Manjerk! :("

  • Note 3: This comment created a heated exchange between Krans and a senior member of the Swedish Police Board, Harald Ullman, on Facebook. He tells Krans that she is undermining the public’s perception of a professional and impartial police force by showing her bias. Moreover, this is an ongoing investigation in which she is implicated. See Investigation for the exchange.

- 10 December 2010 (00:39) Comment: ’suspected on reasonable grounds’

- 14 December 2010 (22.13), comment on Claes Borgström (lawyer of the two complainants) and Julian Assange

- 23 December 2010 (04:36), "Claes Borgström is an admirable and incredibly knowledgeable lawyer. I am proud that he is a Social Democrat!"

- 9 February 2010 (02:01) writes as her status "thinks Bodström should come home and put an end to Flashback" followed by a comment "We should have freedom of speech AND turn the lights off for Flashback!"

  • Note 4: Krans is referring to the online discussion forum which has led to many of the revelations and leaks in the case. The popularity of the forum and of the thread that deals specifically with the Julian Assange case (+38,000 entries) responds to a homogenous and self-censoring media climate in the mainstream media.

- 24 February 2010 (20:59) Krans comments on her friend’s status which reads "Can you believe that we can chat with a man suspected of rape! Thank you Aftonbladet!", her comment is "What the hell????"

  • Note 5: On 24 February Aftonbladet offered readers a chatroom with Julian Assange.

- 24 February 2011 (22:32), "I long for a politician à la Jan O. Karlsson in these tumultuous times. He would probably have something forceful and unforgettable to say both about the dictator in Libya and the overhyped bubble ready to burst Assange."

Complaint Filed Against Irmeli Krans

When Krans’ Facebook messages and friendship with complainant AA reached the media, a complaint was made against her at the Parliamentary Ombudsman for Justice (JO).

A Civil Liberties organisation, RO, filed the complaint at the JO (Parliamentary Ombudsman for Justice). Krans had been the first person to speak to complainant SW on record about the most serious allegation of ’rape’. The questioning is written in reported form, in Krans’ words. There are serious concerns about Krans’ bias in the investigation, even at this early stage. It has been suggested that complainant AA and IK had been in touch before the women arrived at the station, or in the days following the complaint, even though Krans was later taken off the investigation.

On 23 May 2011, the Office for the Parliamentary Ombudsman for Justice (JO) dismissed the complaint against Irmeli Krans because the Prosecution Authority had already carried out their own investigation and concluded that there were no grounds for challengeability (ie interrogating officer Irmeli Krans did not contaminate the investigation, and there were no grounds for suspecting her of bias). Grounds for challengeability ’jäv’, the decision is translated into English. Grounds for challengeability are circumstances that undermine the impartiality of the police officer (Code of Procedure, Sections 4, 13 § 10 and 7, 6 and 9 §§).

1228 days under house arrest.

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