2010-08-14 SW / JA


JA, JW, SW arrive at Hötorget after lunch, not sure what to do. JW asks JA to tag along as he’s helping his parents move furniture. SW comes with the better offer of visiting the Natural History Museum (Naturhistoriska museet) where she works and viewing an IMAX film at the museum’s Cosmonova cinema. JA says goodbye to JW and follows SW to the museum. SW uses her friend’s ID to slip them into the cinema, and later boasts to her coworkers about ’making out’ with JA. JA takes a ’power nap’ outside the museum. SW accompanies JA to the Zinkensdamm subway station on Södermalm, as he’s on his way to the crayfish party. JA gives SW his phone number.

Question: Why wasn’t SW invited to the crayfish party? She was at the Bistro Bohème where AA made all the plans for the party. She was right there. She was free that evening. How did they manage to exclude their lunch guest from the party?

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