2010-08-14 JA Speech


JA speaks at a Social democrats Brotherhood Movement event on the war in Afghanistan. AA is press officer for the event, Peter Weiderud (PW) is emcee. Sophia Wilén (SW) emailed AA a few days (how many?) prior to the event, offering to help the organisers if she could attend JA’s talk. AA asks her to buy a cable for JA’s computer.

JA later attends lunch at the nearby restaurant Bistro Bohème at Drottninggatan 71 (http://www.bistroboheme.se/cmsms/?p...) with Johannes Wahlström, Donald Boström, AA, PW, and SW.

Are we certain SW contacted AA about a ticket for the event? AA’s tweet mentioned someone else as contact to get tickets. Don’t know as we have that tweet any longer.

The restaurant they went to - a stone’s throw from LO-borgen - was Bistro Bohème at Drottninggatan 71. Their website:


I put this in the text but perhaps there’s a better place for it.

We have more detail from this event. We have the testimony of DB and JW, both of whom were apprehensive about SW tagging along. And we have the famous ’facepalm’ line about the knäckebrödsmörgås. That too can be added.

Took the word ’christian’ out of the description of the brotherhood as it can possibly cause confusion and make people think of KD instead.

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