Wandsworth Prison documents

Isolation at Wandsworth Prison’s "CSU"

When Mr. Assange was arrested on 7 December 2010 under the Swedish arrest warrant, he was taken to Wandsworth prison where he was initially placed in an overnight cell (which prison authorities requested be a single cell for safety reasons), and then transferred to Onslow unit, where he was kept separately from other prisoners for one night.

On 9 December, the decision was made to transfer Mr Assange to the segregation unit ("CSU"), where he was kept isolated. Prison authorities "deemed that the safest place for him is the CSU" (isolation) at Wandsworth Prison, as he was "in the media and in a highly politically sensitive based on his activities outside of prison".

Prison services told UK press and concerns citizens that Mr. Assange’s transfer to an isolation cell had been "his choice", but documents obtained under the UK’s Data Protection Act show otherwise. There is no evidence suggesting that Mr. Assange requested isolation at CSU.

In fact, Mr. Assange requested to be transferred out of the CSU on 10 December 2010: "I must be immediately moved to a situation where (1) I can access the phone freely, (2) where my door is not permanently locked from the outside."

The response to Mr. Assange’s complaint and request to be moved arrived five days later, on 15 December 2010, in which the CSU governor wrote "I have discussed the reasons why you are segregated with you and explained the CSU/segregation regime. Due to your location it is not possible to give you free access to a phone. This is not available in HMP Wandsworth. All prison cell doors here have an external lock. Therefore you will remain locked up unless you are attending an activity."

The documents show that the official document concerning his segregation ("Rule 45") does not indicate consent by him to the segregation.

The documents also show that Mr. Assange was closely monitored in his cell


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2808 days under house arrest.

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